What is a DPF and Why Does it Block

DPF Cleaning Armagh

Hello everyone, kindly allow me to introduce myself. My Name is Connor Mc Cann proud owner of Orchard diesel services based in County Armagh Northern Ireland est 2008. We operate a highly specialised diesel repair workshop offering our services to both trade and public which includes High pressure pump testing, injector testing, DPF cleaning, EGR cleaning, Injector calibration and much more. In todays blog I want to discuss a lot more about DPF cleaning and issues surrounding repairing these systems.

There are many different factors involved with DPF Problems and what causes them, so let me educate you. Firstly for those who don’t know what DPF means this is an abbreviation for Diesel Particulate Filter. A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) works by removing harmful soot from the exhaust gases before they enter the atmosphere. The DPF collects soot particles until enough are collected for the DPF Regeneration process to kick in where the DPF cleans itself by heating up and burning off the accumulated soot particles. This is called passive regeneration, but some times this may not be possible for different reasons and here are the most common causes of failed DPF regeneration.

The engine hasn’t reached normal operating temperature (maybe because the journey has been too short or too stop start).

The wrong type of oil has been used when servicing.

There is a problem with inlet, fuel or EGR system.

Engine management system may have logged a fault code.

The fuel level may be too low. As a rule, a quarter of a tank is required for Regeneration to take place.

Here at Orchard Diesel Services we offer on board DPF Cleaning and off board DPF Cleaning. We also specialise in assessing your DPF system and can advise you on the most cost effective repair,  saving you money and keeping you on the road..