DPF Cleaning Armagh

DPF Cleaning Armagh

DPF Cleaning in County Armagh

At ODS Automotive we will only carry out a DPF Clean once we’ve done an assessment, only if it still requires clean following our DPF assessment, and here’s why…A blocked DPF is always caused by
another fault. Until you find & fix that fault, your DPF will continue to block.

Our industry-leading DPF Assessment will identify these faults and get to the root cause of your DPF problem – for a first-time fix. We only carry out a DPF clean if it is required. Some problems are resolved without a clean – and at less cost than a DPF clean.

Our DPF Assessments are £90 inc vat

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The DPF Doctor

ODS Automotive is an Accredited Member of The DPF Doctor network.The DPF Doctor network has some of the leading vehicle technicians as it’s members. This gives us access to ever-evolving technical knowledge, information and training (to keep up with some of the latest vehicles).

DPF Assessments

Our industry-leading DPF assessments get to the root cause of your DPF problem – for a first-time fix. We save you time, disruption, hassle and money.

DPF Cleaning

Before to carrying out a DPF clean we must do an assessment to identify the root cause of your blocked DPF.

  • Identify All Underlying Faults That Are Causing Your DPF Problem
  • Inform You Of Any Work That Is Needed
  • Carry Out The Repairs (if needed)
  • Perform A DPF Clean (if needed)
  • Confirm The Repair By Analysing Vehicle Data

DPF Cleaning Armagh

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Off-vehcile DPF Cleaning

We are genuine DPF cleaning specialists offering in situ cleaning solutions saving you time and money. We are also part of the DPF CENTRE franchise: armagh.dpfcentre.com

We offer 12 months warranty on all of our off-vehicle dpf cleaning service.

  • On-Vehicle DPF Cleaning
  • Off-Vehicle DPF Cleaning
  • Carbon Cleaning

Our DPF cleaning service is capable of taking your diesel particulate filter and cleaning it to improve performance. It is important understand why these filters need to be clean.
There are two chambers. One of which works to oxidize some of the NOX gas in the exhaust, while the other chamber destroys the soot. Some of this ash remains in the filter, and if it is not cleaned on a regular basis, this can reduce the effectiveness of the DPF and ultimately the performance of your vehicle.

Our technicians will perform a cleaning, inspection, and record any defects. Within no time at all, we can have the diesel particulate filter restored to 90% or better of the new condition. Why spend the money on a new DPF when the easiest solution is to have a clean? This should be part of your routine car care, and can increase fuel economy, horsepower, and overall performance. It can lower maintenance costs, which is always a great thing.