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DPF Cleaning Armagh

DPF Cleaning in County Armagh At ODS Automotive we will only carry out a DPF Clean once we’ve done an assessment, only if it still requires clean following our DPF assessment, and here’s why…A blocked DPF is always caused by another fault. Until you find & fix that fault, your DPF will continue to block….

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Car Servicing County Armagh

Car Servicing in County Armagh At ODS Automotive we offer unbeatable quality and value for money when servicing your vehicle! We only ever use OE original or Bosch Oil and filters which comes with 1 years warranty on all parts, apart from (wear and tear ) items. Prices vary depending on Make, Model and engine…

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What is a DPF and Why Does it Block

Hello everyone, kindly allow me to introduce myself. My Name is Connor Mc Cann proud owner of Orchard diesel services based in County Armagh Northern Ireland est 2008. We operate a highly specialised diesel repair workshop offering our services to both trade and public which includes High pressure pump testing, injector testing, DPF cleaning, EGR…

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